Kennel Rates Doggie Heaven. Home away from Home at Marlee Country Kennels

Our kennel rates are per calendar day –

$28 per day for one dog.
$40 per day for two dogs sharing
$48 per day for three dogs sharing

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Public Holidays

There is a $5 surcharge per kennel for any day that is a public holiday.
You pay for each day your dog is at Marlee Country Kennels irrespective
of your times of admission or departure.

eg If you drop your dog off at 4:30pm today and pickup at  8.30am tomorrow, you pay for 2 days.

Other Services

We also provide

Ask about discounts for long stays.

Murphy's birthday at Marlee Country KennelsThere are no hidden costs at all, our rates include GST and we do not charge for giving your dog your own (prepared) food or administering medication.

A Non – refundable deposit is required for all school holiday, Easter and Christmas booking.

We do not have Eftpos facilities so all transactions must be made in cash, cheque or direct deposit.

Each Calendar day your dog/ dog’s are with us will be counted for payment, irrespective of the time at admission and the time at departure.

Our Opening Hours are.
8am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm, 7 days a week.
Romeo's birthday at Marlee

Doggy Birthday

If your dog is having a birthday while staying at Marlee Country Kennels we know how is can be stressful for you! Never fear you can purchase a birthday cake (suitable for dogs) and we will take pictures and post on facebook for you. Not quite the same as being there but the next best thing. “Happy Happy Birthday to you, darling furbaby”!

Home made Doggy TreatsDoggy Treats made by BELLABOO cupcakes biscuits

Look what in now available at Marlee Country Kennel
Home made Doggy Treats made by BELLABOO. We have cookies, cup cakes and best of all Birthday cakes. You can order your fur babies birthday cake for their stay here. Talk to us we can even do a little birthday party with some friends. We can even take orders for takeaway.

You can even book your party here. Please call us and have a chat.

Doggy Day Care

Fully supervised by our friendly and experienced staff

  • your dog will have fun all day
  • meditate and snooze in the afternoon
  • be brushed
  • and ready to pick up – HAPPY! 

FIFO Dog CareSasha is a regular FIFO visitor and we love having her to visit, reading stories, playing etc

  • Are you a fly in fly out worker (FIFO) and have a dog?
  • Do you need regular loving dog care for your best friend while you are away at work?

Marlee Country Kennels is the place for you.

Our FIFO dogs get special care

  • the same room each visit
  • extra cuddles
  • extra plays
  • one on one quality time
  • a big clod bone
  • and a bath to go home
    Happy and ready for you.

Your dog is welcome to leave things behind for next visit.
“One of our regular boarders  Bella brings her bag packed with her each visit.
Her travel bag contains the things she needs for her holiday – sun cream, special cream for her nose, toys and a BIG raw bone straight from the butchers to settle in with.
This is her routine.”

What will your dog’s routine be!

Here are some of our regulars.
Sasha loves her bedtime story, Bella has her bone and Boss loves company.

Marlee Country Kennels can cater for your dog care requirements, call our friendly staff on  08 9753 1351  to discuss your needs.Bella and her bone

Boss is another regular Fly In Fly Out Dog who comes to visit often